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My name is Jenny K


Let's just say I am a little obsessed with horses... they are my deepest passion! I couldn't imagine life without them.


I've spent my WHOLE LIFE working with horses, learning from them and other like minded individuals.


I am going to share with you an extremely POWERFUL and PROFITABLE secret I've discovered from simply observing and interacting with the people in this industry.


Give me a few minutes and I guarantee you will be absolutely BLOWN AWAY by what you will learn!




Behind each beautiful course in the UK lies a few acres of land known as the "backstretch" here a few 100 workers care for the valualble throrughbreads that compete each day.

I spent pretty much all of my teen years as a backstretch worker at most of the tracks around the UK race circuit and believe me it wasn't easy. A typical day started around 4:30am cleaning stalls, or grooming, training and exercising horses at the track’s on-site stables. It's hard work, precision work. One simple mistake could turn a class 1 winner into a retiree.

I spent months at a time without a day to myself, sleeping in barns and horse trailers,waking before dawn and craving a real bed and a hot bath; but....I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.




Although I no longer work at the tracks, I stay in close touch with many of the people I got to know back then. In fact, I speak to them daily, but I’m getting ahead of myself…


… I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.




You are in a tough spot…I know because believe me I’ve been there!


Waking up earlier than the birds just to study form data and statistics? Why experience the stress that is normally involved in the "ups and downs" of gambling?


Punting on " keep your fingers crossed" selections, when you might aswell close your eyes and point them out yourself?


For a long time, my attempts to top up my meager stable pay was sucked away and wasted on losing bets. Spending every possible free minute hunched over my old laptop waiting for it to load so I could study past performances for that “winning horse” which almost always turned out the same for me…


Spending longer hours going over the stats and charts again and again rarely resulted in winning bets. It only made it harder to get up a few hours later to start the day’s routine.


"Jeremy" (an assistant horse trainer at the time) and the others never took me seriously as a punter, probably because I was a girl, but on this particular day he must have noticed that I wasn't my usual bubbly, cheerful self after suffering through yet another day of losers and barely having enough to cover this months rent!


“Jen,” he almost whispered in the barn as he shook his head. “You’ve got it backwards.” He pointed towards the laptop under my arm.


"Spreadsheets and numbers don't win races!, Your charts and experts and numbers only tell what a horse has done, not what they’re going to do.”




“THAT is how you cash winners.”


I knew exactly what Jeremy was telling me made sense. He was different around the horses but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


I decided then and there to quit loathing him so much and instead attempt to become his new best mate. That decision has paid off for me in ways that can’t be counted.


Jeremy instantly took me “under his wing” and my education was in full swing from that very day.


I Started Calling Him My Racing Insider…


… a name he didn’t seem to mind.




He began sharing things about the horses and their condition that seemingly only a “racing insider” could have known.




What I’d mistaken as a tender gesture on his part, cupping his hand under a horse’s lower jaw for a few seconds, was actually Jeremy checking the colt’s resting heart rate before and again after a workout.


Grooming wasn’t just for the purpose of a horse’s comfort or appearance. It was serious diagnosis. Gentle massages to the back, loin and croup were in reality assessing for soreness and tenderness.


We were cashing in on more races together than I would have won alone and the analysis I collected on my old laptop was even able to help “Jeremy” pick a few extra winners he would have otherwise missed.


Now ask me AGAIN if I like betting on horses!






What we observed, both the good and the bad, would never show up in statistics, past performances or even the most touted tipster picks.

One of the first insider tips to pay off for me was a Maiden that had run flat his first three tries. This muscular bundle of energy seemingly had everything going for him… until he got on the track.


I nearly laughed out loud when Jeremy said, “Today’s the day for Dante’s Legend. Get some big cash on the nose there.”

He told me the big, anxious colt had spent his first night with a goat tied at the foot of the stall. “He slept like a baby and he could beat any of them today.”

Dante's Legend paid 20/1 and won going away by six lengths.


And there wasn’t a word in the Post about the colt sleeping with a goat in his stall the night before.


I didn’t sleep in the barn that night…

Or any night since then. I’ll leave that to the goats.

The barn goats,


the change in diet,


the “spleen” blowouts,


the extra massage,


the new liniments…  I could go on and on. While all of these can affect how a horse will run…




Unless you’re there, in the barns, at the workouts, caring for the horses, mucking the stalls, you’re never going to be exposed to the factors that make a difference in winning and losing.


Although I no longer work at the tracks, I learned a LOT from Jeremy and I certainly see the effect of the insider information in the results I get from his daily tips.


 And for a STRICTLY LIMITED number of punters my private guy on the track can now be your personal…





My guys ongoing, insider position has enabled me to continue to have a career in racing and consistently cash in WINNING BETS every day.


I bring the stats and research... "Jeremy" and his associates around the UK racing circuit, (men and women that are just as observant as him around the backstretch,) srutinise the data and contact me to share their most profitable daily tips for that day’s cards.


You'll Get up to 5 'WINNING' Horse Racing Selections Each and Every Day...


20.97% Hit Rate! Winning Odds up to 33/1!


Why sit at your computer for hours, struggling to place your bets each day, then watch in frustration as they all roll in last.


You can confidently let us do all the hard work, take the risks and spend all the time involved, just clone our choices every day and together we will take thousands from the bookies each and every month, with ease!


Selections & betting advice sent most days Via Email between 10.00 and 11.30am Weekdays & Weekends.


We Cover all major racing events including big festivals.


Requires Absolutely no expert knowledge, mathematical calculations or form studying - you see the bet, you place the bet, you cash in.


Result updates and comparisons: Monthly, Quarterly & Annually as well as free betting bank/staking plan advice.


Works for people overseas, You can use our racing insider Selections anywhere you are in the world.

Start betting like the professionals without the pressure and strain of constant losses.


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Before we go any further I have a confession to make...


Now... You may have suspected that “Jeremy.” is not his real name! and “Dante's Legend” was not the real horse’s name either.


I’d love to tell you exactly who my mystery man is... but due to the inside connections he still relies on, it’s best we keep his name a secret. Let’s just call him “The Racing Insider.” He likes that..




It's not your fault that you are not as confident, capable or knowledgeable as you want to be with horses right now!


You just haven't had the right source of information for you to be able to place bets with confidence.


That's about to change.


Have you ever been trying to learn something... and had real trouble understanding it?


And then someone comes along and explains it in a different way... ALL OF THE SUDDEN... you understand EXACTLY what its about! You just get it and you're almost kicking yourself because it seems so simple to understand... why didn't you see it before?


I made 217.50% ROI (Return on Investment) in 5 Days!


Now I Started 7 months with £30 each way level stakes and watched it grow to £12,208.74!  Do it with £100 or £200 stakes and in a year you’ll have …

You can do the maths.  It is pretty incredible, isn’t it? And results like that could be yours with The Racing insider working for you.


Punting novice or old “pro,” at the track or at an online bookie, start with £10 or £200; it makes no difference.



I have taken more money from my bookmaker than I actually need and now it's time for you to do exactly the same.

I no longer have to wake up @ 3.30am every morning and work 8 hour shifts, I figured it would be better if I invested in my own stables and that's exactly what I did!


I spend most of my time there caring for and riding the horses in my possession. I recently acquired a beautiful 5 year stallion named Alfie, he's an absolute joy to ride!


The funny thing is, I now spend almost no time poring over the stats and I’m making more money than many doctors, lawyers or accountants!




It's surprising how a few thousand pounds a week goes totally unnoticed to multiple billionaire bookies. Thats why this service works so well, nobody ever gets suspicious.


What would you do with your winnings??


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Many occasional punters will probably pick their horse from the field on the day with the aid of little more than a pin. If you’re one of those punters help is at hand.


This Guide contains more than enough information to satisfy occasional punters and racing enthusiasts alike. Use these methods this coming weekend, and see how often you collect from the bookies!



For 2 reasons…


1. If the action on our horses becomes too heavy, the odds would become too low! You’ll see for yourself soon enough just how good the odds can be on many of these winning bets.


We like cashing in winners at high odds and it's going to stay that way.


2. I believe in offering first-class support to all members! (Simply email me on if you’re unsure about anything and you will get a reply within 12-24 hours.)


And while you may think I’m a nice girl for doing this... I’m not that nice...


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That's why I'll stand firmly behind this with my...




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Question: How Do I Receive The Information?


Answer: You will be able to access all the days information via Email. Each days information will be available no later than 11:45am.


Question: How Often Does The Racing Insider Issue Advice?

Answer: Advice will generally be sent Monday-Sunday, but only when the time is right, this is dependent on the quality of information we receive. There may be only one selection or at times, four or five in any given day. On rare occasions due, to bad weather or track conditions (or simply the quality of the information given to us is not strong enough), there may be day's when no tips are given. These day's will be rare, but we are sure you will understand, we will only issue tips if 100% confidence and assurance is behind them.


Question: Are The Tips Directed At UK Race Courses?


Answer: Yes, all the tips are for UK and Irish race courses. You'll receive selections from different race courses throughout the year depending on the season and weather.


Question: Can I Bet From Outside The UK?

Answer: Yes of course! You can use Sportsbooks such as and that accept bets on UK races so you can start reaping huge profits from anywhere in the world. If you are having difficulty finding a sportsbook feel free to contact us for more information.


Question: Why Are You Selling Your Sevice?


We get asked this question a lot! There are several reasons as to why we are prepared to market and sell this service with the main one being that we wanted to offer a superior service that actually makes a profit for our users.


Question: Will There Be Long Losing Runs?

Answer: Due to the nature of horse racing advisory services there will be losing runs on rare occasions. Over the long term though, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about, with over 256 points profit in the last 7 months. We state long term, as our advisory service is based upon a policy of three months minimum, you cannot seriously judge any Horse Racing Betting Advisory Service on just a couple of days or a week etc.


Question: Do You Have a recommended Starting Bank?


Answer: A very common question, that is totally individual to each person. It depends on how much you can afford to invest, Rule #1 is to keep your betting bank totally separate from your day to day expenses. When you set up to make money from betting on horse racing your first step must be to look at your financial position and put aside a sum of money to use as your Starting bank. Our staking plans are covered in lots more detail in the Super Stake Insider Bonus you will recieve when you access The Racing Insider.

Question: How Much Should I Bet?


Answer: As we all know, betting on horse racing always carries an element of risk. Therefore we advise all members to follow our advice to the letter, members are strongly advised to only bet what you can afford to lose. If in doubt just contact us and we can create a customised staking plan based on your circumstances and requirements..


Question: What are the typical odds that the system picks?

Answer: Anything from 7/1 all the way up to 100/1.


Question: How Will following the Racing Insider Help Me In My Betting?


Answer: We recognise that consistent reliable and unbiased information is paramount and both recreational and professional punters need to know which bets are going to pay off. Our mission is to educate our subscribers and give them all the necessary information to make safe and profitable decisions.


Question: Do You Advise On Live In Play Betting?


Answer: There can good prices to be had in betting against the run of play as it is happening. It is something we keep an eye on but rarely advise.


Question: Do You Recommend A Betting Bank?

Answer: We personally recommend you stick to level stakes betting By following this advice, you will quickly see that as your bank grows; your stakes will rise too, ensuring larger profits as we go along.


At the end of each quarter you can either reinvest your profits into your initial betting bank. Or you can withdraw your profits and restart the next quarter with your initial betting bank


The above is only one of many guidelines we offer depending on your starting bank and you are free to use your own staking plan if preferred or contact us for more information.


Question: Should I Take The Early Price Or Starting Price (SP)?

Answer: We send our advice as early as we can so if you can, act on the information as soon as it is received, it is highly recommended you take the early price. If due to work commitments etc you have to wait an hour or two etc to get your bets on, it may be beneficial to take the SP. However, this is entirely up to the User.


A good idea, which many of our Users operate, is to open numerous internet bookmaking accounts, shop around for the best price and take advantage of Best Odds Guaranteed.


Question: What Kind Of Support Do You Offer To Your Members.


Answer: All of our customers Are entitled to Unlimited support by email, get in contact on and you will get a reply within 12-24 hours.


Question: How Do I Join?


Answer: You can join us right now using your credit or debit card (Or even PayPal account). All payments are 100% secure and all your personal information is 100% safe. Plus, you are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee! Click HERE To Get Started.


Question: Can I join but not be on a subscription?


Answer: Yes, you can join for six months and save yourself over 25% compared to the subscription price. This is a one time payment of £149.99 and you will not be charged again. You are still covered by our 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. Click HERE


Question: Can I Have A Refund If I Find The Service Is Not What I Expected?


Answer: Definitely! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our service. All we ask is that you stick with the service for a fair trial - after which time you are free to request a full refund.

Please feel free to email us on You will be answered within 12-24 hours.